About us

“Bread? But this already exists for a long time!”

Surely you, too, once stood in front of a bread shelf, not being able to decide which bread to buy? The choice too big? Or all varieties are more or less the same stuff? The bread already feels hard when touching it? You read the label and question yourself if this is still bread with some additives or already additives with some bread? That’s what we felt. We were bored by the bread shelves and when a bread caught our attention visually it was already too dry or contained too many ingredients of which you could not even pronounce the name. If there is nothing on the shelves that really fits our needs, why not baking ourselves? That was exactly what we thought. And simply did. Well, it wasn’t that easy, honestly. Which kind of bread should we actually bake? It needs to be tasty. That’s clear. But healthy, too. And fresh. And please free from any preservatives or other additives.


„ Should we go for some kind of chia thing or better not?“

In March 2015 we began to write down our ideas, to do some planning and to organize. It took us about a whole year until the B JUST BREAD range was ready and we were 100% happy with the outcome of our work. It is for example very tricky to create a protein bread that contains less carbohydrates but that still tastes like good bread. Or to agree on just a small, but still diversified bread range (we have so many ideas that it would be a waltz for us to create 50 bread varieties more.)

Following a year of hard work B JUST BREAD finally found its way into the shelves of regional supermarkets (we come from the Rhine Ruhr District in Germany). That was in 2016. We were very proud. Because our bread was bought without any kind of marketing support. Without any advertising or other knickknack. Just because it is good bread.

Thus, we must have made something right. With our B JUST BREAD we want to show you that even if bread is not an innovative novelty on the world market, you can create and experience it through different eyes, though. Bread is everything but boring!

We will be happy to show you how that works. Or you simply explore it yourself.

But who exactly pulls the strings behind the scenes of B JUST BREAD?

Of course, we want to present you here a pictures of our team. Here it is:

But honestly? We felt a little bit like making a shooting for a school photo. A little bit posed. Shouting “cheeeeeese” might help visually, but not really.

Therefore, we have taken another picture which is “not posed”.


Who does not throw a bread into the air in order to catch it afterwards while taking a picture? But seriously, professionalism, service and high quality standards belong to our daily business. All this has top priority for us and we will never give up our principles. But of course, the own personality and the fun at work may not be missing. And indeed, we have a lot of fun!

Of course all of us in the field service, marketing, finance, quality management and packaging work hard every day, but we like it to work together as a real team.

The bread business is our passion…and we are sure that you can taste that.